Emergency on Planet Earth

XR Scientists recently published a free book Emergency on Planet Earth (EPE) online. It gives comprehensive coverage of the science behind the climate and ecological emergency, and has been thoroughly reviewed by a team of scientific experts, from both within the XR Scientists community, and also independent of it. Lead author of EPE is Dr Emily Grossman.

Written with the explicit intention of making it accessible to those without a background in science, this is an excellent resource for XR folk. In fact, it is now the “go to” information source for XR UK, having been adopted as the key scientific resource of The Truth section of its website.

Read 'Emergency on Planet Earth'

What does the book cover?

Scientists’ Warning reporting of the EPE book release gives an excellent summary:

  •  Easy-to-read, up-to-date and rigorously fact-checked, this complete overview of the Climate and Ecological Crisis helps adults and teenagers understand what’s going on on their doorstep and around the world and think clearly about how to effect real change.
  • Written in a clear and accessible way and endorsed by leading experts, it answers every question you could have, from how we can be sure that humans are causing climate change, to how it is already affecting us right now, to what might happen in the future depending on what action we now take.
  • The book also addresses the arguments made by climate skeptics and discusses how global governments are responding to the crisis, drawing attention to the fact that the UK government has made a “staggering lack of progress” in dealing with the crisis and in preparing us for the “nightmare” that is to come unless urgent action is now taken.

Story behind the book

Find out more about the EPE in this article in The Scotsman, and watch these videos.

Overview & Key Facts

A shorter document giving an overview of the EPE and the key facts can be found in a Google doc here or can be downloaded as a PDF here.