Coronavirus update

Due to Covid-19, as of March 15, we are recommending that Bath XR does not meet in person, until further notice. This is based on the scientific advice for reducing the spread of the virus.

Whether or not individual working groups choose to meet in person is up to the individuals concerned. Guidelines recommend washing hands more thoroughly and more regularly, maintaining a sensible distance and not exposing yourself to unnecessary risk, especially if you or someone you’re close to is: over 60, has hypertension, is diabetic, has cardiovascular or respiratory conditions and/or has cancer. 

Instead of physical meetings, we recommend that working groups meet over Zoom. This is accessible via app for both mobile devices and PCs, and video tutorials will be provided if you’re in doubt as to how to use it. 

All venues are still hired for Zoom training and community aid. For Zoom training we’ll need volunteers to run it and for those attending to bring their own devices.