There are many ways to help in Bath XR. Not only by coming along to actions (all non-violent and the vast majority with zero risk of arrest!) but also by helping the groups who make it all happen. All of the roles are pretty flexible in terms of time commitment. We will provide as much assistance and advice as possible, so that you can make the most of your chosen role. 

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities, or if you have any questions you’d like to have a chat about, please email:

We are looking for a joint co-ordinator for this working group, which focuses on welfare; arrestee support; nature connection; conflict resilience.

We are looking for an internal coordinator and an external coordinator, for this working group, who together help BathXR to run smoothly by establishing clear processes and roles in a non-hierarchical way.

The current External Coordinator for Bath XR is looking for someone to take over the role. It would suit someone who wants to help connect and integrate our local group with the wider XR network. Things are changing in the way XR is being organised nationally, so it’s an exciting time to get involved. Below is the mandate for the role:

Role Mandate

  • Relays outside XR news to the group – directly in meetings and via appropriate comms
  • Is a member of Basecamp (or new XR platforms) through which he/she is connected with other LG coordinators 
  • Is the link to the regional and county coordinators and gets their newsletters
  • Gets ‘internal’ newsletter
  • Participates in Zoom calls with the county/regional coordinator depending on regional context
  • Liaises with county-level Working Groups when necessary (Media & Messaging, Talks & Trainings)

The Internal Co-ordinator works closely with the Co-ordinators Group which comprises representatives from each Working Group and meets weekly to share information. You would be at the heart of Bath XR playing a key role in keeping people up to date with what’s going on.

We are looking for an organiser to take care of the planning and logistics side of our talks and training events.

Actions & Logistics joint co-ordinator. Planning and organising actions, usually but not always as part of affinity groups – or as individual projects. Attending SW Action zoom every week, or as often as you can.

Joint Coordinator

Joint Coordinator

To liaise with the Coordinators