There’s a wide variety of roles within the group. The allocation of those roles is open to constant change, and thanks to the self-organising approach that we take, we have a dynamic and  decentralised system for deciding what needs doing and who is best to do it. Come along to some of our meetings to find out more about what roles you could take on.

Occasionally we may be looking to fill some roles that are advertised across the whole group. Please find below a list of current vacancies. If you’re interested, or if you have any questions you’d like to have a chat about, please email:

The current External Coordinator for Bath XR is looking for someone to take over the role. It would suit someone who wants to help connect and integrate our local group with the wider XR network. Things are changing in the way XR is being organised nationally, so it’s an exciting time to get involved. Below is the mandate for the role:

Role Mandate

  • Relays outside XR news to the group – directly in meetings and via appropriate comms
  • Is a member of Basecamp (or new XR platforms) through which he/she is connected with other LG coordinators 
  • Is the link to the regional and county coordinators and gets their newsletters
  • Gets ‘internal’ newsletter
  • Participates in Zoom calls with the county/regional coordinator depending on regional context
  • Liaises with county-level Working Groups when necessary (Media & Messaging, Talks & Trainings)