Month: March 2023

Climate Science Translated

Kiri Meets Bill Comedian Kiri Pritchard-McLean helps Professor Bill McGuire spell out the actual risks of climate change, pulling zero punches, and using highly unscientific language throughout. Follow on Twitter @ClimateSciBreak

Lawyers Are Responsible – Launch

A group of prominent lawyers are taking action in solidarity with all those on the frontline of the climate and ecological crises, in particular the younger generations, the peoples of the global South and those prosecuted and imprisoned for peaceful acts of conscience.

IPCC Synthesis Report – What Does it Mean?

Dr Charlie Gardner and Clare Farrell discuss the latest IPCC synthesis report, the final report in the most recent series. They discuss the contents, media representation, multiple flaws and problems around the failing international approach to the climate crisis, and finally why a broad and large scale people powered response is needed.