Humanity Has Not Yet Failed

Greta Thunberg has recorded a podcast “Humanity Has Not Yet Failed”, in which she talks about her recent travels and experiences as a climate activist, and gives her views about the struggle for climate justice in a post-Covid19 world.

The 75min English version is available here and also on Spotify.

“Things may look dark and hopeless, but I’m telling you, there is hope. And that hope comes from the people, from democracy, from you. From the people who, more and more themselves, are starting to realise the absurdity of the situation.”

“We must now do the seemingly impossible, and that is up to you and me. Because no-one else will do it for us.”

“Nature doesn’t bargain, and you cannot compromise with the laws of physics.”

“We have passed a social tipping point. We can no longer look away from what our society has been ignoring for so long.”

“If you are one week away from the nearest harbour, you do not take any unnecessary risks. You don’t, for instance, start a fire on deck if you feel cold. You don’t throw away limited provisions of food, or necessary equipment, out in the ocean. You keep a constant, watchful eye on the horizon, and you don’t allow yourself to get struck by hubris. On board we are guided by common sense, the same common sense that should exist everywhere. We are a civilisation isolated in the middle of the universe. Space is our ocean and the planet is our boat. Our one and only boat.”