Ways to get involved in the rebellion

Dear fellow XR Bath rebels

The temperature outside is boiling and the BBC are now saying that weather like this can be attributed to human-created climate change. Meanwhile the Northern Hemisphere’s last fully intact ice sheet collapsed in two days last week. We are in an emergency….and the feelings of frustration, anger and loss can hopefully be channelled as we plan for the rebellion that is coming soon.

Some of you might have felt that previous rebellions were too distant and there was no way to get involved in any of the decisions. This time is very different. We know there are local rebellions taking place over the bank holiday weekend 28-31 August, and local groups can organise anything they like to rebel within the XR principles and values.

However, it is also possible to be involved in the planning for the Cardiff rebellion, to have a say in the shape it takes when it starts on 1 September. There are 12 Task Groups that are being established to help make the rebellion successful and within these are many tasks that Bath XR rebels might be interested in. Here are a few:

-being a spokesperson for the XR Cardiff rebellion, talking to local MPs and journalists using a script being developed by Bristol Media and Messaging; perfect for budding politicos

-being a steward and ensuring the social distancing guidelines are being followed; perfect for those who want to see XR rebel in a responsible way

-helping to build the movement of movements and connecting communities; a perfect fit for those passionate about the work of the new Social Justice Working Group in Bath

-working with County Coordinators to reach out to local groups across the region; perfect for those who want to help mobilise others

-arts!!; perfect for creatives!

If you want more info about any of this, contact me via email dms59@protonmail.com.

This is really a bottom-up rebellion that will be successful if local groups and rebels can use their creativity and energy to make it so. After months of isolation, now maybe is the time to reconnect with others (socially distanced!) and rebel! As a start, come to the picnic get-together on Sunday 16 August at 4.30pm in Victoria Park to say hello to old and new rebels!

Because our Facebook page is down, catch up with everything by checking our website:

We want to live
we rise in peace!