BathNES approves gas powered generators

In May this year it was reported that Bath & North East Somerset (BathNES) council approved a planning application for 3 gas powered generators in Midsomer Norton, sited near to Welton Primary School:

BathNES declared a Climate Emergency in March 2019, with a target to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030.  The council committed to ensuring that every decision taken after March 2019 would consider the impact on carbon emissions. As such, this application should have been examined by the planning committee with respect to its impact on the climate emergency. Those objecting to the application deserved the chance to voice their concerns at a planning meeting.

What happened here BathNES?

A gas fired power station at this location is inappropriate and unnecessary. There are alternative ways to supply “energy gaps” when other sources are unavailable.  The lack of scrutiny applied to this application makes a mockery of the Climate Emergency declared by the council. This decision made “under the radar” has understandably left those with objections to the plans feeling let down by the council. 

Our message to BathNES: 

More than a year after you declared a Climate Emergency, words alone are not enough. Residents of Bath & North East Somerset must see those good intentions turned into real action.