Black Lives Matter

Extinction Rebellion Bath stands together in solidarity with Black Lives Matter to actively challenge racism, systems of oppression and to demand social justice. We add our voices to all those who are protesting for an end to the racial injustice still persisting in the UK, USA and worldwide. We fully support Black Lives Matter and our local black communities in the continuing campaign for justice for all. No change is possible without dismantling systemic racism.

The climate and ecological emergency will only be addressed if social justice is at the heart of our movement. The same forces of power which have brought the planet to the point of climate and ecological catastrophe have also ensured that peoples are divided through racism, prejudice and oppression.

In line with our principles and values, we look forward to engaging in non-violent direct action to bring about collective liberation and to create a world that is just for all peoples and the ecology of the planet.

Climate activists, environmentalists, conservationists – this movement is part of the core of our fight for social justice. Use your voice, show your support, every voice counts.

Now is the time to stand together.


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