2020 Strategy

At the recent people’s assembly (Feb 2020), a discussion was held regarding the strategy for Bath XR for the coming year. This is the output of that effort:

  1. Increase recruitment – mass mobilisation
    • Active members taking part in national actions
    • Active members taking part in local actions
    • Active members attending meetings
  2. Focus on B&NES
    • Hold B&NES accountable and/or support them in their response to the climate & ecological emergency
    • Local citizens’ assembly by the end of the year
  3. Improve links with other local groups
    • Create a climate alliance
    • Establish a local hub

Some additional objectives were also identified:

  • Target local businesses – uni divestment / banks / pension funds, etc
  • Get more climate reporting into local media
  • Carry out more local actions
  • Be able to respond quickly to events as they arise
  • More effective affinity groups doing there own actions locally
  • Increase use of the arts